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The premier general civil litigation firm in Prince George’s County, Maryland
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Watson & Moran LLC, is a general civil litigation firm located in Prince George’s County, Maryland concentrating in civil disputes, family law, divorce, custody, support, personal injury, wrongful death, employment law, civil rights, bankruptcy and collections. Our firm handles matters throughout the State of Maryland and Washington, DC. At Watson & Moran LLC, we know that dealing with a legal matter can be one of the most challenging times of your life. The breakup of a family, ensuing battles over custody and support, a malicious civil or contract dispute, bankruptcy, severe injury from an accident or an assault, the loss of a job because of discrimination or exercising your right to medical leave—these are times in our clients’ lives when things may seem their bleakest. Clients come to Watson & Moran LLC because they trust us to put them on the road to healing physically, emotionally, and financially. We approach each case with compassion, commitment and dedication. We listen, advise and fight for your rights.

Our attorneys work closely with clients and strive to obtain an optimal resolution in each case. However, if negotiations fail, we stand ready to take a case to trial.

Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience. Before forming Watson & Moran LLC, our attorneys worked for judges, large firms, and the federal government. We know how to navigate through bureaucracies and obtain results. We also know our adversaries’ tactics and how to fight to win.


Our reputation for success and aggressiveness has attracted clients pursuing high-powered defendants. The firm has been featured in several media outlets for our work on family law and assault cases against entertainers and sports stars.


At Watson & Moran LLC, we won’t stop until we’ve achieved the best possible result for our clients.

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